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AURORA HID is one of the highest quality level HID products on the market today.  With a full line of 35 watt and 55 watt systems covering all makes and models of personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, ATV's, snowmachines/snowmobiles, motorcycles, motorhomes, heavy equipment, any many more.  We also have a complete plug and play line of AURORA HID's for your more difficult HID installation applications such as Dodge Ram (US Spec and Canadian Spec) bixenon systems, quad lamp systems, etc.  If you are considering HID's for a custom application chances are we can get you outfitted with a solution using our AURORA HID product line to fit your needs.   The AURORA HID line is fully customizable to fit your style when it comes to overall brightness and color output of your HID's available from 3,000K-10,000K in all sizes.  If those colors are not what you're looking for please contact us as we can often get any other custom colors or bulb types you may be in need of.

Turnagain High Lights is the official AURORA brand HID supplier in the USA and CANADA.  On average AURORA HID headlamps will give you an end result of 3 times more light output versus that of your factory OEM halogen bulbs.  All of our kits are completely plug and play - you will NEVER have to cut or splice in to your factory wiring of any kind during ANY installation application using our AURORA HID products.  Average installation time is typically 30 minutes or less - some systems require more time typically for bixenon systems and any other systems where a relay wiring harness is being used in the application as well.  Our AURORA brand HID kits will work on almost any 12 volt based system so the possibilities really are endless with very few limitations where a HID conversion can not be done.

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