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How does Turnagain High Lights set themselves apart from other lighting vendors?

We ALWAYS strive for the highest level of customer service. We make it our top priority to respond to each and every customer as quickly as possible and make sure that ALL of our customers’ needs are met whether that be before, during, or after the sale support.  We aren’t just another one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” online vendors.  Many of our products are proprietary brands which mean they are not available elsewhere unless they are being sold by a pre-approved wholesale vendor account.   Here are some of the features and benefits with our Aurora HID products that set us apart from the competition:


All Aurora HID ballasts feature instant hot re-strike protection that limits the ignition strength to bulbs that are still warm which will increase the lifespan of the bulbs.


All Aurora HID brand kits are true 55 watt output kits that come with 55 watt output ballasts as well as 55 watt bulbs.    •    Benefit:  Color correctness and prolonged lifespan versus inferior kits that use 35 watt bulbs on all of their kits to save on the cost of the product which causes incorrect color output and shortened lifespan.


All Aurora HID ballasts are AC output


DC ballasts cost less to produce and the bulb lifespan is approximately half of that of a AC ballast power supplied bulb.


What is HID?

H.I.D. stands for High Intensity Discharge lighting. HID’s are 3-4 times brighter than a halogen bulb (even higher quality halogen bulbs such as Sylvania Silverstars or other equivalent brand)

35 watt or 55 watt?
55 watt is brighter than 35 watt. With our 55 watt kits, they still run cooler than the factory halogen bulbs they replace so it’s not very often that heat becomes an issue or a deciding factory in choosing between 35 watt or 55 watt. We recommend 55 watt whenever possible for the fact that you will be getting the most lumens output (brightness) versus the 35 watt kit and you get the most bang for your buck. Here are a few suggestions on when we recommend using 35 watt kits: Applications using 9145/9140/H10 and 800 series bulbs (880, 881, etc.) Any fog light housings with small diameter plastic lenses.


Is a wiring harness required?
We recommend a wiring harness on ALL low beam headlight assemblies. Peace of mind with in-line fuse protection of factory components. Correct input power supply from the vehicle for the ballasts and bulbs to operate efficiently and correctly which will prolong the overall life expectancy of the kit components. There are certain vehicles that require special/custom wiring harnesses and or additional components to be added to the wiring harness for proper HID operation, if you are unsure what your vehicle requires please contact us via email or phone at any time…….WE ARE HERE TO HELP.


What is covered under the Lifetime Warranty?
With every purchase you will receive basic installation guidelines that must be followed in order for any components to be covered under the warranty If dielectric grease is not used on the required connections during installation your components will not be covered under the warranty. The lifetime warranty covers the product to the original purchasing customer only. Warranty is non-transferable.
Please see store policies for more details. There are no bulbs and ballasts that are designed to last forever no matter what quality level product you are buying, with that being said the lifetime warranty does not mean your components are covered for the lifetime that you own the vehicle. The warranty does cover any pre-mature failures prior to the designed lifetime of the bulbs and ballasts which are rated for 3,000-3,500 hours of use.  If any of your components fail after this time frame you are required to purchase the new parts that need to be replaced.

    HID Ballasts
    • Warranty covers the product against manufacturing defects of any kind the make the product unable to work as intended.
    • Warranty does not cover abuse, mis-use, accidents, or if used outside the intended design scope of the product.

    HID Bulbs
    • Same as above for ballasts
    • Bulb scorching caused by improper power supply or pulsed voltage systems without the proper required wiring used will not be

      covered under warranty.
    • Any major bulb color change prior to designed life of the bulbs is covered under warranty
    • HID bulbs lose and change color slowly over time which is normal, therefor uniform changes in intensity and color beyond the

      designed life of the bulbs is not covered under warranty

    Wiring Harnesses
    • All wiring harnesses and wiring components are covered for a period of 1 year after date of purchase.
    • Any other components included in the kits or the kit cases themselves are not covered under any warranty.



Easy or difficult to install?
Most installations are quite easy and will average 30 minutes to install an Aurora HID kit. Some vehicles are more involved than others to replace a headlight, so there are some vehicles out there where installations can be challenging and take longer than stated above. Generally only basic tools are required for installation mainly to mount the ballasts and remove/re-install headlight housings when required. Please contact us if you have any questions on the difficulty of installing your kit or if you need us to refer you to a local installer in your area.


How long does it take to get my order after placing the order online?
    • We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail and typically arrive anywhere in the US from 3-5 working days after shipment.
    • We can ship a variety of other ways just ask if you require special handling to ship via USPS Express Mail, UPS, FedEx, etc.
    • We do our best to ship all orders within 1 business day of receiving the order.
    • We are not responsible for any lost shipments.  Additional USPS mailing insurance can be provided upon request.
    • We do ship to Canada and any other foreign countries
    • Please contact us for order specific rates.
    • We are not responsible for any delays while going through the Customs process.
    • USPS First class typically varies depending on location
    • USPS Priority Mail typically 6-10 days
    • USPS Express Mail (EMS) typically 5-10 days
    • At times we may have backorders
    • If there is a backorder we will notify you and give you an estimated time frame for the order to be ready to ship.  We will always do

      our best to keep back order lead times as short as possible


If any of the following are occurring please contact us for support:
    • HID’s are flickering
    • HID’s won’t stay on
    • HID’s won’t turn on
    • One side is not working – how do I test it to determine what is happening??
    • How do I install the wiring for my HID kit?


Something is broken, how do I use the warranty?
    • Contact us prior to sending anything back to us.
    • Be sure to check all connections before contacting us
    • Over time ground connections can become loose, dirty, or corroded
    • Check and possibly replace the in-line HID relay harness fuse
    • If you have a bad part, swap a good part from the other side of the vehicle to that location to test and eliminate/determine which part

      is not working (bulb or ballast), this will speed up the process because we will ask you to do this before covering any parts under

    • A very high percentage of warranty claims end up being installation or vehicle related issues, if you can’t find any issues be sure

      to contact us.
    • Prior to sending anything back to us you must always fill out the return form so we can keep track of your product.
    • There may be times where we require a deposit for a new part to be sent to you prior to testing to verify if it will be covered under

      warranty or not.

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