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This kit is designed specifically for your 1994-current model Dodge Ram truck. This vehicle make/model has complex factory head lamp circuitry that makes other HID suppliers kits very challenging to install and function properly. Most other HID suppliers kits result in a few flashes and then no output after turning them on. The parts included with this kit will make it function properly, and with no flickering and no erroneous "bulb out" indicator lamps on the dash display either.

Aurora HID kits include 55 watt high-output ballasts and 55 watt bulbs. Average 30-40% more light output versus 35 watt kits. Ballasts are water proof, dust proof, shake proof, and hot re-strike technology to protect recently powered warm bulbs from damage when re-starting. Bulbs are high quality with great color and brightness accuracy.

All products are brand new, ballasts include built in mounting tabs so you don't have to use any additional mounting brackets during installation. CE listed,ISO certified manufacturing, E4, E11 TUV mark.

*temperature output is less than that of the factory halogen bulbs these will replace, which means they are safe for your housings.
*ballasts are actual 55 watt output design, not a boosted 35 watt model like cheaper kits on the market
*factory cut-off points retained
*same life span as 35 watt kits (rated at 3,500 hours)
*relay harness with in-line fuse protection is recommended for all 55 watt kits
  • Details

    Each kit includes:
    2 each - AURORA 55 watt ballasts
    2 each - 55 watt HID bulbs
    Custom Dodge Ram Specific relay wiring harness
    Mounting hardware
    Metal case (great protection for shipping)
    Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty on bulbs and ballasts

    Operation Notes (PLEASE READ):
    This kit features simulated load on the included wiring harness that is a requirement for proper operation on Dodge Ram trucks. The load is simulated by means of resistors, to which installation and operation should adhere to the following recommendations to avoid damage or injury.
    1) Resistors should be mounted directly the metal chassis, away from and not under plastics or heat sensitive items without proper ventilation to allow for cooling
    2) Do not operate or handle the wiring harness, particularly the resistors without a proper 15 minute cooling period to avoid injury from burns